Veterinarian in Gary Provides Full-Service Animal Hospital

With 20+ years of small animal veterinary practice experience, as well as full Acupuncture Certification from Colorado State Veterinary College, Glen Park Animal Hospital’s veterinarian, Dr. Marcus Larson, takes your pet’s health very seriously and is expert in doing so. In fact, his number one priority is to develop a unique health plan for each and every animal he treats. Dr. Larson is a 1991 graduate of Kansas State Veterinary College. Along with all of his staff, Dr. Larson and company are committed to studying and staying ahead of the latest techniques and developments in veterinary medicine, which means your companion will get the very best in cutting-edge care. You will also find that Dr. Larson is more than happy to answer all of your pet care questions so you completely understand how to help your beloved pet live a long and healthy life. Our special animal doctor will treat your pet with the same passion as he does his own dogs, Matilda, Sophie, and Betty.